Shipping and Returns

Shipping Charges

Our shipping charges are calculated per item. You will see the shipping price for each item on the item info page. Please note that the prices listed are for items shipped inside the USA only. International buyers will be contacted and required to pay exact postage to the shipping address.


Shipping Time

The shipping times are also different for each item and are listed in the item description.


Returns and Refunds

First and foremost we are NOT responsible for damage occurring during shipping. It is your responsibility to open and inspect the item before you sign for it. If it is damaged then refuse the shipment and we can file a claim through our shipping provider and get you a new product right out. If you sign for an item and then later realized it is damaged there is absolutely nothing we can do to remedy that.

Also, since most of our products are custom made we do not accept returns, we most definitely do not cancel an order after you ordered because you “changed your mind”, we have a business to run, if you’re unsure of what you want then wait to order until you are, ask us any questions you have and we can guide you but we are running a business here and time is limited, once you place the order, except in extenuating circumstances at our discretion, there is no cancelling it because “You forgot to pay your cell phone bill” (Yes, we’ve gotten that more than once), etc…  it pains me to write this as much as it pains most adults to read this, but, sadly I have to.  Our time is valuable.  My vendors’ time is valuable.  Everyone that is involved in making your order’s time is valuable.  Be an adult, once your order is placed it stays placed… Of course, if you forgot to tell us a color option, you clicked the wrong part, etc… we are going to work with you.  If you simply say, “I changed my mind, I want my money back.” then you will be getting the part you ordered and a free valuable life lesson called… responsibility.

No returns unless there is a defect, in which case our policy is if you notify us within seven days of delivery we will exchange the item once and any more than that is at our discretion. Unfortunately some expectations exceed the price of certain parts therefore if you are unsatisfied with an exchanged item, which goes through rigorous inspection before shipping, we are not responsible. Please contact us if you have any questions about our return policy before you place your order.

If we do decide to process a refund, which is at our discretion and normally as a courtesy to a customer that underwent a hardship such as totaling the vehicle, it is only BEFORE the part has been made or shipped. In the rare case we refund an item after it has been shipped, it must be shipped back and shipping fees will not be refunded. There will also be a standard 20% restocking fee for any returned items.