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You asked for it, we got it done.  RE-Introducing the LAST OF THE BREED emblems AND certificate!!!

These were originally  an option you could buy at your dealer.  A few other companies have imitated them, but we contacted the original manufacturer, Morgan Design Group, and got them to do ONE more run!

These do NOT come with the original key chains as MDG no longer makes keychains at all but they do come with the exact same emblems and certificate you would have received from a Pontiac Dealer in 2002.

We only have a handful  of these left (8 as I type this) so if you want one don’t wait.  If the page is still up, there’s still kits available.

These are in stock and ready to ship (generally within 48 hours max).  The price is higher than the group purchase as these are left over from a SMALL run I had to order (which double my cost on them) to replace some from the group purchase that were damaged in shipping.

Thanks for coming to us to bring these back, we’re very proud we are able to!

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