6LE Designs IROC-Z Wheels 1993-2002 F-Bodies


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UPDATE:  These wheels are in manufacturing and will arrive Mid April 2018

Do you love the old IROC rims?  Of course you do, EVERYONE does…  However, do you wish there was a more modern updated version?  Of course you do, EVERYONE does!!!

Well, we procured the name IROC-Z and brought to the world the Gen 6 Camaro IROC-Z and we’re also bringing you the wheels for use on your 1993-2002 Camaro and Firebird models!!!

Our current inventory of rims are due to arrive the end of December and for this first round we’re allowing you to choose ANY FINISH YOU WANT at NO EXTRA COST!!!

Basically, we want to use this first batch to see exactly what our customers want.  All you have to do is ORDER the rims, then email me what finish you’re looking for.  We’re only selling TEN SETS as that is all that is currently on order to test the market.  I will also offer these customers a FREE rendering service, after you order, send me a pic of your car and we’ll photoshop the wheel you chose on your car, if you don’t like it and decide you want a different finish, we’ll photoshop that one on there as well so you can make an informed choice.

We will be offering CHROME, GLOSS BLACK and GREY in ALL WHEEL FINISHES (the entire wheel is the same finish) and we will also be offering them with only the INSERTS painted (as seen in the pictures where the lips are still chrome/polished) in GREY, GLOSS BLACK and BRONZE.. AND also a finish where the INSERTS AND BARRELS are painted leaving only the front outline of the spokes chrome/polished in GREY, GLOSS BLACK and BRONZE.

The paint colors available are GLOSS BLACK, GREY and BRONZE.  Again, you can use these colors on the ENTIRE WHEEL or JUST THE INSERTS.

I spent a lot of time reasearching, based off of my personal experience owning 14 different F-Bodies, to design a wheel in the best sizes for these cars.

This ordering page is for FOUR WHEELS.  The sizes are 18″ x 9.5″ with a 40mm offset and 18″ x 10.5″ in a 50mm offset.

These are all pre-ordered so they are ONLY SOLD IN A SET OF FOUR IN THE ABOVE SIZES.

The finishes we do in house so you can choose from the above or if you want something custom we can accommodate for an additional cost just shoot us an email and ask.

We’re running a SALE on our first shipment in hopes customers will send back installed photos for use on the site, not necessary but appreciated if you do.

We only have TEN SETS of these rims coming in, so if you want to be one of the first, don’t wait as they might be sold out!!!  If this page is still up, we still have sets available.

We do not have exact weights yet as they are cast but they are supposed to be 24lbs to 26lbs.

NOTE:  The wheels will NOT have IROC-Z engraved in the spokes, that is reserved for the production vehicles. The center caps are included and say IROC-Z (pictures coming) but can also come BLANK.


Clearly we do not have a shipping time frame as they arrive in December and we will be working with each customer individually making color renderings of the style they want.  We will keep the customers updated and as soon as wheels are in and renderings approved by the customer we will finish the wheel (takes one week) and immediately ship.

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