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If you’re like us you LOVE the design of the 2016+ Camaro and think GM did an AMAZING job… except when it came to spoiler choices!


They gave us no real options aggressive yet sleek enough to truly compliment an incredible car.  Even their Blade Style spoiler is lacking… It’s squared off like a 90’s haircut, too small to offer any real function AND won’t even cover all the holes on an SS trunk!!!


Well, we couldn’t let such a beautiful car fall short in the spoiler department so we designed a sleek and FUNCTIONAL spoiler that will also cover all holes on all model trunks…


Introducing the 6LE BLADE Spoiler for 2016+ Camaro SS and RS models!!!


COMPLETELY FUNCTIONAL this spoiler allows air to “pack” like a NASACAR spoiler (SPOILER, not WING… wings have to be ABOVE the roof line to create down force, spoilers help smooth airflow) so that it IMPROVES aerodynamics by allowing the air already trailing off of the roof to have a smoother flow completely off the car…


As you can see it also covers ALL of the factory drilled holes, on BOTH RS AND SS models, beautifully…


No, “Kid n Play” crew cut style spoiler here!  Beautiful arch work compliments the other subtle curves and lines of the 6th Gen.  It appears tall from the back but it really isn’t, it is just an optical illusion as almost 1/3 of the spoiler extends DOWN onto the trunk lip giving the illusion of a larger spoiler…


Also “in the driver seat looking in the rear view mirror” you will see the minimal effect on visibility (what there was of it to begin with lol), highest point is only about 1/4″ higher than a factory SS spoiler…


We set out to create the best possible spoiler for your 2016+ Camaro and we feel we’ve done it…


  • Improved upon OEM Styling to keep a factory feel with a more aggressive attitude
  • Improved aerodynamics based on the car’s factory aerodynamics and in house racing experience
  • Covers all RS and SS factory holes (based off SS) NO WELDING AND FILLING
  • Incredibly easy installation (takes minutes) UNLIKE the OEM spoilers that can take hours (comes un-painted)
  • Hand laid quality fiberglass (not easily cracked injection ABS)
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Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 61 x 16 x 6 in
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