1998-2002 Camaro SLP Style Bowtie Grille in FIBERGLASS


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As a life long F-Body lover, I always loved this grille and was sad to see it discontinued.

As a life long F-Body Community member, I was shocked to see the price these grilles were selling for, used, after they were discontinued.

Seeing one sell on Ebay for OVER $1000, I decided it was time to step in and offer an affordable option…

Introducing the 6LE SLP Style Bowtie Grille for 1998-2002 Camaros!!!

This is a brand new never installed piece.  You WILL need to paint it and it does NOT come with the emblem (these are still available cheap from your local dealer or you can get a much nicer piece from www.emblempros.com tell Matt and Roger we sent you 😉 )

I debated making these out of urethane, like the originals, but after inspecting a ton of originals it was pretty clear that the urethane did not hold up over time.  It’s much cheaper to make them out of urethane, but it doesn’t seem to last and if you, God forbid, get in an accident more general body shops can repair fiberglass than urethane.

Also, cutting these open for more airflow for an intercooler is a common mod and with fiberglass it won’t sag or warp if you do.

It is 100% MADE IN THE USA and current wait time is 4 to 6 weeks for shipment.

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