1998-2002 Camaro “Q Edition” Splitter


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We’re happy to introduce to you the “Q Edition Front Splitter” for 1998-2002 F-Bodies based off of the design Qcon made from our original splitter!!!

Just like 6LE SPLITTER, it is made out of 1/4″ thick automotive grade ABS plastic, the industry standard material for high quality splitters…

HOWEVER, this splitter is slightly different in shape as it has an AGGRESSIVE front notch in it…

Easy to mount via factory style bolts to the underside of your bumper cover, using 4 factory mounting points on each side and then uses an additional 3 for stability in the front center.

It produces more down force at high speeds by speeding up the air that is flowing under the car. It also protects the underside of your nicely painted bumper from scrapes, helps the car stay cooler by channeling air to the radiator and looks GREAT while doing it!

IT ONLY ADD 1/4″ TO THE BOTTOM OF THE BUMPER SO GROUND CLEARANCE ISN’T AN ISSUE!!!  And again, if you do scrape, the splitter is saving your bumper’s paint!

The splitter has 1.5″ of built in adjustment so you can slide it forward for a more aggressive look or further back for a stealth look.

It comes with all the hardware you need to mount it…


The edge of the splitter comes BEVELED (not straight cut) for a FINISHED look (like in the pic below)…


We try to keep these in stock and ship the Tuesday or Wendesday after you order however expect it to take 4-6 weeks to be delivered to you in case it is made to order.  Feel free to e-mail us before or after you order for a current wait time.

Thanks again for shopping with us!

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